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    The Underground Museum, Los Angeles

    Water Power

    Noah Davis

    May 19 – September 16, 2018

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    Nina Beier

    The Downer, Berlin

    May 19 – July 7, 2018

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    Iza Tarasewicz

    Croy Nielsen, Vienna

    In myriads, things cry out

    May 16 – July 7, 2018


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    An emotion can also be rational or irrational in two more specific senses: (1) it can be more or less accurate in the perception or understanding of the situation it involves; and (2) it can be more or less warranted in its evaluation of the situation. An example of (1) is: Smith is angry at Jones for saying something offensive, when in fact Jones said no such thing and there is no good reason to think that he did. An example of (2) is: Smith is angry at Jones for saying something offensive, but in fact what Jones said was not offensive because it was not intentional or because it was an accurate and constructive criticism of Smith, for which Smith should not be offended or angry. In the first example the anger is irrational because it is based on a false belief about the situation; in the second it is irrational because it involves an unjust or unfair evaluation.

    In yet another sense, emotions can be rational insofar as they are functional. It has become something of a Mens Silk Cr Bs4h3c
    in contemporary psychology that emotions have evolved along with human beings and are therefore the product of Sheer Wrap New Beginnings Wrap by VIDA VIDA PQFBa
    . It does not follow, however, that any particular emotion was individually selected for, or that emotions still serve, the functions that may have made them valuable in the past. Anger may have been a useful stimulus of Foldaway Tote The life of colour by VIDA VIDA M2W6mddD
    in prehistoric times, but it can be Silk Square Scarf Abstract painting no60 by VIDA VIDA PgJzI
    or generally dysfunctional in a modern urban environment. Moreover, emotions (or particular emotions) may well be byproducts of other evolved traits. Nevertheless, as a general rule, emotions do play an important role in people’s personal and social lives. Indeed, insisted that reason by itself provides no motivation to moral behaviour; only the emotions can do that. Modern neuroscience has come to much the same conclusion.

    Finally, emotions can be rational in the sense that they can be used to achieve certain basic human goals and aspirations . Getting angry may be an important step in motivating oneself to face obstacles and overcome them. Falling in love may be an important step in developing the capacity to form and maintain intimate relationships. By the same token, getting angry at one’s boss may be thoroughly warranted but still irrational insofar as it frustrates one’s career goals. A Buddhist monk may be fully justified in being jealous of a fellow monk, but his jealousy is nevertheless irrational insofar as it is incompatible with his Francesca Earrings Ana Khouri eV6W2KZo
    of himself as a Buddhist. In this sense, emotions provide both the substance of a good life and its ends. In a similar vein, the French existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (1905–80) argued that emotions are strategies. People use them to manipulate others and, more important, to maneuver themselves into ways of thinking and acting that suit their goals and their self-image.

    George Lucas Educational Foundation
    Student Engagement
    By Hans Bluedorn and Nathaniel Bluedorn
    May 20, 2014         Updated May 7, 2014
    Image credit: Thinkstock
    Image credit: Thinkstock

    Brainstorming is an essential part of critical thinking and a tool that people use to invent an idea, find a solution to a problem, or answer a question.

    Like: naming a puppy, or . . .

    Prehistoric Man: Prehistoric Friend: Philosophical Man: Philosophical Friend: Scientific Man: Skeptic: Galileo:
    Credit: Hans Nathaniel Bluedorn

    Considering a lot of bad ideas before we get to a good one is how brainstorming works. We start by opening our minds and assuming that a lot of failures will be part of the process.

    6 Elements of the Perfect Brainstorm

    Brainstorming is simple and natural. However, when groups of people collaboratively brainstorm, we can have wildly different experiences -- from awesome idea-generating sessions to complete chaos. We have provided some tips to helps your students enhance their brainstorming skills.

    You see, brainstorming is a tool that you can use to develop critical thinking. Use it to open up students' minds to other perspectives.

    When brainstorming -- thinking creatively -- our brains function at maximum capacity. Pick a time when everybody is rested and in good spirits, because students will need all that energy to do advanced thinking.

    Somebody needs to be in charge of writing ideas down and keeping the group focused. Choose someone who writes quickly and legibly.

    Credit: Hans Nathaniel Bluedorn

    Everyone should suggest ideas. There should be no pressure to make every idea a "brilliant" one. The objective of brainstorming is to produce as many ideas as possible. It is forbidden to criticize other people's ideas. Remember, just because somebody offers an idea, that doesn't mean you have to actually do it (thank goodness!).

    Rabbit trails are OK, but they should always lead back to the topic.

    When people focus on creating ideas, it is a very exhilarating activity. But, as mentioned before, the process works our brains at maximum capacity. Never brainstorm for more than an hour.

    Make sure that everybody can see the ideas as they are written down. We prefer whiteboards. Put the ideas into different categories. For example, you could organize the answers to "why stealing is wrong" under the following headings:

    Practical Reason: Moral Reason: Odd Reason:

    Cull the list until only a few of the best ideas remain. During brainstorming, most of your ideas are going to be useless. After the brainstorm session is over, spend time discussing which ideas might actually work the best.

    There’s a shit ton of misinformation about MailChimp out there, and honestly, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that ConvertKit’s affiliate program is so much more lucrative. :/

    (And yes, I’m a ConvertKit affiliate too, but I don’t exaggerate or give you skewed advice. For some of us, MailChimp’s best and for some of us, ConvertKit is. In my case, ConvertKit is my best choice for this blog and MailChimp is my best choice for side projects!)

    Want to become a MailChimp master? Thomas Sabo Charm pendant birth stone December blue 126562432 Thomas Sabo C9oxlFLn
    for delivering content upgrades with MailChimp merge fields!

    (Specifically, my MailChimp hat – that’s me, Cousin It, circa 2011.)

    Before we jump into these things, I want to give credit where it’s due. I thoughtI was pretty well-versed in MailChimp’s features. But I’ve been going through Paul Jarvis’s Mens Batwing Wo Flat Cap Levis 50omTL6
    course and mind. blown. I feel like an idiot.

    I’ve been going through Paul Jarvis’s Chimp Essentials course and mind. blown. I feel like an idiot.

    This was where the “I took 2 projectsover to another software” panic and regret really started to set in. :X

    You can read my Chimp Essentials review here.

    Before we get started, Modal Scarf The Minerva Patheon Modal by VIDA VIDA o85pz9Z9
    for other MailChimp users:

    Nba Boston Celtics Appliquéd Ribbed Cashmere Beanie The Elder Statesman ooCH2lQ

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    MailChimp might be set up to create separate lists, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep all your subscribers in one.

    Cerulean Blue Knitted Bow Tie Trendhim 4ZareAu3
    about how simple it is with proper list management (which is something you have to worry about with ANY tool).

    By setting up tracking fields (we’ll get to those in a minute), and knowing what you’re doing, you can keep all contacts in one list, and use segments, automation, and groups to split it up for different campaigns.

    And if for some reason, youneed more than one list or prefer setting up your systems that way, Zapier can help manage duplicates.

    Honestly, it’s not hard at all to manage subscribers to that you never ever pay for a duplicate subscriber in MailChimp.

    The claim otherwise is stupid.

    Related: Which is Better, ConvertKit or MailChimp?

    Sometimes you might want to segment a campaign or Coach Passport Case Coach SdPxP1l
    based on where someone signed up for your list.

    For example, when I wrote about Pinterest custom share links , Iemailedpeople who signed up from this post , since Imentioned them in that post as well.

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